Friday, 17 August 2007

Soul Survivor Tomorroooooooooow!!!!!!!

Tomorrow my friends is that start of Soul Survivor week B! Please contact me in the next 12 hours if you are going and maybe we can meet up.. yush??
It has been sooooooooooooo long since I posted and I have been told off, naughty Stacey! lol
Well my summer holiday has had its ups and downs but I am so excited to get out there and start praising Jesus!
Jamie is going which is a relief to say the least as his work have been silly moos and said that he couldn't get the Saturday off but through God's grace he is able to go and I pray that God will make a strong impact on his life and open Jamie's eyes to the true splendor of our king!!
>>>>>>>>>>>..Stacey jumps up and down on her bed..<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Please pray for us and don't miss me too much, I shall keep you updated =]

God Bless you all and remember keep smiling x <3


lilmiss said...

yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!, its great to see u back and i must blog to , and yes you have been naughty i missed ya ! im off to scunny for a few days thats scunthorpe so if near will meet to say hi x, god bless hun love ya xxxx

Kazz said...

hiya stace,

Just thought Id say hi and let you know I am praying for ya hun. Hope soul survivor is refreshig for you and life changing for Jamie. Love ya lots Stace.

PS I got told off for not blogging enough too.