Thursday, 14 August 2008


Soorrrry once again for the huge delay, I'm really not good at these things! lol. Well, a lot has changed since I wrote my last post. I have succsesfully passed my second year of uni and I am going onto my final year. I've got on to two productions in Uni, which is awesome as most people only get on to one, so that is something I am quite proud of :).
Things between me and Jamie kinda came to a holt, but it's ok because we are still great friends, which is amazing because I honestly don't want to ever loose him. So here I am, single and with a huge year ahead of me and only God knows what's going to happen and I kind of like it that way. 'He guides me along the right paths' Psalms 23:3, Amen!! :)

I shall try and keep you updated.. If anyone actually still reads these.. give me a comment to let me know :) x

Sunday, 3 February 2008


sorry again for the long delay in my blog spot, my life is too hectic (students huh?). This blog is mainly a thankyou blog to all my amazing friends for CCUK, honestly...I don't know where I would be without you guys. It astonishes me that a cyber world filled with familliar faces through webcams and the lovable conversations can feel so much like family and really thats what you guys are to me...Family.
You've heard me cry, laugh and have my tantrums and really all I can say is thankyou for listening and caring :)
Your all amazing and I thank God everyday for you!
May God bless you all abundantly

Love Stacey x