Thursday, 14 August 2008


Soorrrry once again for the huge delay, I'm really not good at these things! lol. Well, a lot has changed since I wrote my last post. I have succsesfully passed my second year of uni and I am going onto my final year. I've got on to two productions in Uni, which is awesome as most people only get on to one, so that is something I am quite proud of :).
Things between me and Jamie kinda came to a holt, but it's ok because we are still great friends, which is amazing because I honestly don't want to ever loose him. So here I am, single and with a huge year ahead of me and only God knows what's going to happen and I kind of like it that way. 'He guides me along the right paths' Psalms 23:3, Amen!! :)

I shall try and keep you updated.. If anyone actually still reads these.. give me a comment to let me know :) x


Ben said...

I read it :) If you put your blog address as your MSN personal message people will know you've blogged Maybe :P

Muttley said...

Well done on the Uni front. Whats the productions you are doing ? Sorry to hear about things between You and Jamie. I was going to comment in Kywylsh, but realized most people who will read your blog aren't all that fluent in Kywylsh.