Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The more happier Stacey which you are all use to has returned :)

Hello all you lovely people!!
Firstly, I must apologise for being a moany moo..I am sorry. If you could find it in your heart to forgive me (and I know some of you may have to dig deeper than others, a.k.a Morety) it would be much obliged.
My week of rants is over and I'm back to being my wonderful self yet again. Everyone has come to terms with the feeling of, 'letting it all out', 'getting rid of emotional baggage', or just simply, 'getting it all off your chest'. I feel so much better now. 
I've been working pretty much everyday and have decided to look at the positive things instead of the negative. So instead of moaning about how I have to work all these hours I am thinking of it more as a closer step to paying off my overdraft :).
Bible study tonight which I am raring to go, been missing church recently because of work and over people just bringing me down... but the new and improved Stacey has realised...I'm there for God, not to be scared of girls who put you down! So meeeh lol. God loves me and I want to give him my love by being in his presence and breathing his word.
Once again I am going to say sorry but also have a fabulous day :P
Muchos Love. Staceeeeeee :D x

Friday, 15 June 2007

hmmm..[Edit] Meeting the rather tall but lovely Lister!

Monday came and I was awoken by a phone call from Ralph [Lister] about meeting up.
 I hurried to get ready and caught the train to Cardiff. As I walked into the Marriot hotel it was, 'oh so posh' I felt so out of place, I asked could I ring Ralph...thankfully Ralph had given me his room number so it was pretty simple to get in touch with him, Ralph then met me outside. I didn't feel to comfortable waiting in the lobby in a vest top and jeans but then felt much better when I saw a rather handome American coming towards me with a hard rock cafe T-shirt on and Jeans (yay Lister). The day started out as walked around Cardiff, Ralph was happy to have seen Cardiff Castle and was quite surprised at how many shops there actually are in Cardiff, for a few hours showing him all my favourite shops we then had lunch in KFC. It was truly awesome meeting him, we got on really well. As the day continued I could tell the battery on my phone was going to die sooon so i turned it off for a while after I texted Jamie that everything was cool, you know how worried boyfriends can get. After lunch we went back to the hotel room to watch cheesy British soaps and get my card and pressies and also to talk about random stuff haha..Ralph also told me about his new appreciation for a functioning indoor toilet. As time went on we decided to get Dinner in Chiquitos as everyone in chat knows how much Lister enjoys mexican food. As we laughed and dinned, I realised that I had better dash soon. I had the most awesome day and was so glad to have finally met him. 

Off subject a little but could you please keep Jamie in your prayers. For those of you who don't know Jamie is my boyfriend we have been together for 8 months now and he became a christian about 5 months ago and is finding it a struggle and it is really effecting his relationship with God. 

:) Thanks 

Monday, 11 June 2007

11th June!!

Hello fellow bloggers :).
Yesterday was my birthday :) aswell as Nats!! I had some funky Marilyn Monroe goodies and Dream Girls and also Norah Jones CD as well as some guardian angels :). To be didn't feel like much of a birthday for a few various reasons I won't go into...
Today I met Ralph [Lister] and had a great time. I hadn't had so much fun sinse AT! It was such a treat and he really made me smile! He was the ultimate birthday present :)!

Just a random thought but isn't it strange how one person, with the slightest look or remark just turn your day around...

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The start of my very own blog =]

Hello there :)
As I looked on this site I realised that most of my friends had started a blog on here. Being as the wonderful Faith Forum has closed down blogs for the time being I thought I would join you :).
Well, summers here, uni is out and I'm spending most of my days working in Newlook trying to earn some extra dosh but still trying to have as much fun out of my summer as possible! It's my birthday on Sunday, *hint hint* so I've decided to spend my last proper day as a teenager in the most childish way I can. I have absoloutley no idea what I am going to do but aslong as it involves food I will be immensley happy, yes I am very hungry whilst writing this blog :P.
I don't want to bore you with my first post as I do want all of you lovely people to visit me again and share some love so I shall depart on that note.

Please comment..

Peace and Love

Staceeee otherwise known as x_ThisGirl-x!x! :)